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Thank you for your interest in teaching positions with our studio.

This page will give you an idea of our philosophy of teaching and our ideas on how our performing arts center can best meet the needs of our students and teachers.

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Current Openings

Currently hiring part-time positions for Preschool Dance Ages 2-6 and 7 to Adult Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Modern, Hip Hop, Pointe, Acrobats, Musical Theater, Voice, Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drama and Band Instruments.

Studio Background

Dance Pointe Performing Arts Center, School of Dance, Theatre and Music, is a privately owned studio that was founded in 2002. We have two locations, Selden and Miller Place.

To see a map of our locations, click here for Selden, and here for Miller Place.

We have approximately 150 students attending weekly classes two times per week.  We cater mainly to children. Approximately 95% of our students are between  the ages of 2 and 18 years old. We welcome adult students as well.

We strive to provide a fun but educational environment that teaches leadership skills with a well organized administration, and first rate equipment and facilities.

Help provide leadership and character development through dance and music education to our community.  Our organization highly values community and inclusion.  Instructors are expected to serve as mentors and examples to students in addition to teaching high quality classes.

Why teach with us?

Music and Dance Teaching Positions

1. A constant flow of new students to keep schedules as full as possible.

Over the course of the year, students can move or quit. This can leave a teacher with gaps or holes in their schedule.  We enroll students all year round.  Most music and dance schools only advertise in late August and September for new students. At our studio we contribute back to our advertising and marketing budget year round to keep our teacher’s schedules as full as possible.  We consistently advertise and invest in social media with lead tracking, to constantly attract new students and grow our programs. We are continually registering new students for our private music lessons even during typically slower registration months.

2. Extras are taken care of – your only responsibility is to teach, create and choreograph.

At all of our locations we have full time front desk administrators to handle all of the “details” of student and parent relations.  This means the teacher is free to focus on teaching and not get bogged down by administration.  However, studio event awareness is required to answer any questions parents of your students may have from time to time. Instructors at Dance Pointe are asked to assist in the following areas in addition to teaching: subbing other classes, front office, marketing, open house, enrollment, mass intros, staff meetings, and any other studio functions.

3. Your time is respected and you are paid whether or not students show up.

Teachers are paid the lesson fee for lessons whether students attend or not.  If a student misses classes for school trips or holidays with no prior notice to our desk staff, the teacher is still paid if the gap is not scheduled to another student or closed by desk staff.  If it is gap at the end of the teaching day, the teacher is not paid, and can leave early.  The only time a student is given an extra make up lesson is if the student is sick and they can only have two make-up lessons per year for sickness (music students).  Our priority for our teachers is to make sure that your time is not abused and your teaching day can be as productive as possible.  Dance students can make-up absences at any time during the course of their program in the same age and skill level classes.

You have the freedom to express your artistic style through your teaching, the main difference will be how the organization of the studio affects your satisfaction and ability to focus on your teaching.  We charge our teachers and students with, and base the culture of our studio on leadership principles with monthly class discussions that are made available for you to convey throughout each month during the end of your class.

Here are reasons why dance teachers choose to teach at our studio:

1. Small class sizes.

We limit class sizes to make classes easier to control and monitor for teachers and to give more personalized attention to students. Our classes for ages 2-6 are limited to a maximum of ten students per class. Our classes for ages 7 and up are limited to a maximum of 12-15 students per class. Assistants, through our mentorship program, are provided in classes that need an extra hand in training and developing students.

2. Full time administrative support.

In many studios there is no receptionist on duty. This means that the teachers are faced with administration details when they should be concentrating on teaching. We have full time front desk administrative staff during class times to handle routine questions and details that arise.

3. Floating Marley dance floors in all studios.

We use professional floating Marley dance floors in our dance rooms.  Our dance floors rest on a system of 700 high density foam blocks. This dance floor helps prevent injuries and fatigue. A good quality floor is a consideration if you are going to be teaching for a few hours each day. A supportive quality floor allows you to protect your most important assets – your body and your ability to teach.

4. Extras are taken care of.

We take care of all of the extra details throughout the year. Teachers are not required to collect any fees or do any costume measuring.  We engage our teachers with the tools necessary to keep your students aware of all upcoming events.  We also take care of all the organization of yearly recitals. We have everything well organized so the teachers are free to concentrate on teaching, music, choreography and nothing else.

Selden Location

280S Middle Country Road
​Selden, NY 11784
(631) 451-2260

Miller Place Location

691 Route 25A
​Miller Place, NY 11764
(631) 451-2260

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At all times, the performing arts are a powerful tool for helping students of all ages build confidence, positive body image and amazing mental and physical strength.

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