Develop Individual Leadership Skills

Perfecting one’s craft and strengthening one’s aptitudes are the most important gifts we can give to the artistic community.

The performing arts can promote an individual’s leadership skills, making for a valuable avenue for personal development.

A Unique Focus

At Dance Pointe, we believe the greatest gift we can give the artistic community are artists who not only have broad knowledge and strong technique, but who can apply those talents in a spirit of confidence, compassion, and a commitment to community service.

The performing arts can be a powerful tool for developing individual leadership skills. The process of learning dance, theatre and music teaches our students to set goals, to work effectively in teams, to creatively solve problems, and a host of other character building attributes.

We recognize that only a small percentage of our students will become professional performers, …while all of them will become professional people!  At Dance Pointe, we are committed to helping them become the most successful people possible.

Leadership Team

Students who have completed a fundamentals or entry level program at Dance Pointe and are accepted for additional training to mentor younger children, and are considered part of the “Leadership” team at our studio.  We charge our leadership team with responsibility to guard the positive culture that we’ve built at Dance Pointe.  Team members wear the word “leadership” on their uniform and are expected to demonstrate the leadership principles in their behavior in and out of the studio, and to set an example for newer students.

Those who most successfully demonstrate the principles in their individual practice are given opportunities to further develop their skill through assistant teaching and other leadership development experiences.

Monthly Leadership Focus

Each month we focus on a specific leadership principle and explore how applying that skill enhances our dance, theatre and music practice and our success in social, academic, professional, and family life.

The Leadership Principles

  • Goal Setting
  • Discipline
  • Creativity
  • Integrity
  • Self esteem
  • Knowledge
  • Compassion
  • Communication
  • Responsibility
  • Loyalty
  • Community Service
  • Teamwork

They make learning too much fun.

It’s for learning different kinds of dance styles and musical instruments too.

Shivani Singh

This is exactly what she needed.

My daughter joined this year! She loves the classes and the girls who dance there.

This is exactly what she needed and as a mom I’m so thankful!!

Nan Zag

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At all times, the performing arts are a powerful tool for helping students of all ages build confidence, positive body image and amazing mental and physical strength.

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