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Sara A.

Working towards a Degree in Environmental Science, Sara has trained under the direction of our Studio Director, a professional ballerina certified through Dance Masters of America. Sara dancing since the age of five specializes in ballet and entricate pointe work. Her passion for dance, ballet work especially, transcends to her students in a way that inspires and motivates them with confidence and knowledge of the art itself.

What is your hometown?
Islip, New York

What’s the story of how you became a dancer and teacher?
I became a dancer because when i was about 5 years old I watched a version of the Nutcracker ballet and decided that I wanted to be like the Sugarplum Fairy, dancing on my toes. I started dance lessons the next summer and fell in love with it. I started as a student teacher assisting with the ballet/tap combo classes and eventually was given my own class to teach.

What impact has dance had on your life?
Dance has had a positive impact on my life. It has become my safe place, the place i go when I’m stressed out or just need a break from the rest of what I have going on. Dance has also given me the discipline I need to be able to focus on many things at once without everything becoming a mess.

Why did you start teaching dance?
I started teaching because I wanted to give back to the community and help pass my love of dance on to the next generation encouraging them to do the same.

What are you passionate about outside dance?
Outside of dance, I am very passionate about the environment, which is why I’m in school studying environmental science. I’m also passionate about robotics, as I was on my high school’s robotics team for 4 years. Putting it all into one category, I’m passionate about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).

What was the defining moment when you decided to pursue dance as a career?
The defining moment when I decided I wanted to pursue dance as a career was when I started student teaching. Being able to help younger students grow and watching them develop a love for dance made me realize that no matter what else I chose to study in school, I had to keep dancing so I could continue to teach.

If you weren’t a dancer and teacher, what do you think you would be doing now?
If I wasn’t dancing, I would be doing the exact same thing I’m doing now. I’m in school for environmental science and will eventually be getting my master’s in marine Conservation.

What question do you wish students would ask sooner rather than later?
I wish students would ask for help in general sooner rather than later. Just asking for help when they first feel like they are struggling, could help with less frustration within themselves.

Do you have a favorite quote you like to tell your students?
“I do not try to dance better than anyone else. I only try to dance better than myself” -Mikhail Baryshnikov. This quote speaks to me because it’s true. There will always be someone who dances better than you, no matter what the style. Don’t compare yourself to that person, because the only person you need to dance better than is the person you were the day before.

In your opinion, what makes dance such a great activity and art form?
I think dance is a great activity and art form because it allows people to express themselves without words. Some people don’t know how to convey their feelings through words or drawings but give them the right shoes and music and they will tell you things that you never really thought of or knew about the person.

What locations and classes do you teach?
I teach in Selden and Miller Place Twinkle Babies Ages 2-3, Twinkle Star Combo I and II Ages 3-4 and 5-7 and Ballet, Pointe and Tap

Selden Location

280S Middle Country Road
​Selden, NY 11784
(631) 451-2260

Miller Place Location

691 Route 25A
​Miller Place, NY 11764
(631) 451-2260

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