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Jeff D.

Has been teaching locally based on his knowledge through studying with June Claire and undergraduate degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. As a former studio director on student development and choreography. He created and updated curriculum for each dance method and level as well as organized and ran technical rehearsals, staging, lighting, music cues, and performance order. He contributes to our studio his vast knowledge of the dance world and instruction to all ages for over 15 years and with his past experience as a teacher, professional performer, and choreographer. As a male dancer, Jeff adds additional frame of reference when it comes to partnering. As a professional performer, he shares his knowledge of the joy it is to perform “on stage” and helps students find that inner spirit, both through growth as a dancers, and to shine as a performers. He has a passion for choreography. Whether it is as small as a solo/duo or trio, or as large as a production number, or anything in between, his goal is to help each student have a wonderful experience through fundamental learning techniques to become well rounded performers and individuals. Jeff speaks five languages, and practices personal injury law.

Selden Location

280S Middle Country Road
​Selden, NY 11784
(631) 430-5070

Miller Place Location

691 Route 25A
​Miller Place, NY 11764
(631) 430-5070

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At all times, the performing arts are a powerful tool for helping students of all ages build confidence, positive body image and amazing mental and physical strength.

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