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Ariana M.

Ariana M.

Ariana brings to Dance Pointe a diverse set of skills, including her experience working in the childcare field. Ariana is dedicated to promoting emotional, physical, and intellectual advancement in her students, while encouraging their love for dance and the arts. She strives to inspire and motivate her students, and has a talent for instilling discipline, focus, and social skills while challenging students to be their best selves. Ariana is working towards her Masters in psychology, and her passion for understanding the human mind and behaviors further informs her teaching approach. With this she implements a positive and supportive learning environment for her students.

What’s the story of how you became a dancer and teacher?
I started dance classes when I was 2 years old, and my mom immediately witnessed my love for dance and my classes each week. I danced recreationally until I was 11 years old, and started competing when I turned 12. While on the competition team, I was offered a junior teaching position to share my passion for dance with future generations.

What impact has dance had on your life?
Dance has had a major impact on my life. I always look forward to my classes for freedom of expression and release. It became a gateway for my mental and physical health, and well-being.

Why did you start teaching dance?
I started teaching to do what I love, working with and sharing this opportunity with children, while keeping dance in my life.

What are you passionate about outside dance?
Outside of dance, I am passionate about fitness, and spending quality time with my family and friends.

What question do you wish students would ask sooner rather than later?
More “getting to know you” questions, it helps greatly to build healthy mentoring relationships with my students.

Do you have a favorite quote you like to tell your students?
My favorite quote is, “It always seems impossible until it’s done”. Once we have pushed through something we thought was so hard, we come to find that we get through and come out stronger.

In your opinion, what makes dance such a great activity and art form?
The physical activity of dance fuels your body and mind, while telling a story by expressing yourself with physical movements through music.

What locations and classes do you teach?
I teach Hip Hop and Gymnastics at Dance Pointe’s Miller Place location.

Selden Location

280S Middle Country Road
​Selden, NY 11784
(631) 451-2260

Miller Place Location

691 Route 25A
​Miller Place, NY 11764
(631) 451-2260

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