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Hair and Makeup Guides

Recital Tight and Shoe Requirement 


All Twinkle Babies and Stars, Ballet, Lyrical, Modern, Competition, Jazz, Hip Hop & Tap Classes – Pulled back into a bun mid way between the crown and nape of neck.   
Click Here For: Bun Instructions 
For Gymnastics Students – Low ponytail.

Please refer to the costume look book at DPPAC for headpiece placement.  Secure headpieces with A LOT of bobby pins.  Hair should be sprayed to alleviate “wispies and flyaway hairs”. 

Here are some quick and easy tips that should make recital makeup application super EASY and FUN!

Ages 2 to 5
Keep the makeup simple on these little ones!  

Brown eye shadow ONLY ON EYE LID blended up to crease will help frame the eye and will make their lash line look fuller.  White eye shadow can be used to highlight the brow bone under the eye brow.  No mascara necessary.  No black liner, as it can look harsh on these young little faces.  Use a chocolate brown pencil liner on their upper lash line.  Use the same brown eye shadow under the eye as a liner (much easier to apply than using an eye pencil) but start at center of eye and go to outside corner of eye – ONLY HALF WAY under eye to keep eyes looking large.

Take your blush brush and start at the hair line and sweep forward under cheek bone and swirl upward over apples.  Blend upwards to make sure blush color does not go lower than lip line on the cheek.  Blend well to avoid any harsh lines – no “punk rocker” cheeks.

Using a lip liner, fill in entire lip with liner first to keep your dancer’s lipstick on longer then apply lipstick.  A rose-toned lip stick looks beautiful on this age.  This age group needs to be distracted when you are applying their makeup.  

So I usually ask them to tell me about their favorite dance and while their eyes are closed they are going to practice it while I count (and speedily apply makeup!)…5, 6, 7, 8…I continue to count while they do their dance in their head.  If they are too young for this, I have them think of their favorite song and as long as I am not doing their lips, they can sing it for me while I do their eyes.  Any kind of mental distraction will work so that they are not focused on the fact that you are poking them with makeup brushes. 

Ages 6 to 12

Same as above but go ahead and add mascara, black liquid liner on top lash line, false lashes, may be worn.  Colors can be applied more intensely.  Add a gold eye shadow to inner corners of eye and underneath.  This looks so gorgeous and makes eyes really stand out!

Same as above.  You can also add some shimmer to highest part of cheekbone just under outer corner of eye to make the eyes pop and enhance the dimension of the dancer’s face.

Same as above.   

Ages 13 to Adult

Pump or pour a bit of makeup onto the back of the hand. You can always add more if needed. Pick up foundation with a foundation brush and apply to the face. Use a stippling motion to put makeup on the face and then blend out, moving in a downward motion.  If there are still problem areas (which will be unlikely with young girls), cover with a concealer using a patting motion and blending with fingers.

Dust a neutral eye shadow over the entire eye. Use a shadow brush and pick up a shadow similar to skin tone.  Apply the shadow from the brow bone to the lid, blending thoroughly.  Apply eye liner. First work with a pencil eye liner and then define with liquid liner. This is a crucial part of stage makeup since eyes should pop from afar. Dot pencil liner along the top lash line. Use quick strokes to create a precise line and then connect the dots. Next apply liquid liner. 

Use a thin liner brush for easy application.  Paint the liner brush with the liquid liner and go over the pencil liner. Gently thicken the line and softly wing out the liner at the ends, if needed. Apply brow gel or clear mascara to the brows to calm down any stray hairs.

Apply faux lashes and mascara. For young girls, you may need to cut lash strips so they properly fit the eye. Use a Q-tip to apply lash glue to the back of lashes. Allow lash glue to reach a tacky consistency for a few seconds and then apply to the upper lash line.  Use the end of a shadow brush to gently press lashes into the lash line. 

Allow glue to dry and go over the area with liquid liner, blending the faux lash strip and liner together. Apply mascara to blend natural and faux lashes.

Apply blush. Use a gentle hand with a bright pink or red blush. Use a tapered blush brush which allows you to place color and then blend. Apply color to the apples of the cheeks and blend thoroughly. Blush should appear as a wash of color radiating from the cheeks.

Apply lip products. Line lips with a neutral lip pencil regardless of what color lipstick and gloss you are using. This ensures a natural look should lip color fade. Line lips with the neutral lip pencil and fill in to prevent feathering.  Apply lipstick on top and blot with a tissue. Lastly, apply gloss to the center of the lips and blend.

They make learning too much fun.

It’s for learning different kinds of dance styles and musical instruments too.

– Shivani Singh

This is exactly what she needed.

My daughter joined this year! She loves the classes and the girls who dance there.

This is exactly what she needed and as a mom I’m so thankful!!

– Nan Zag

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